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“Important information for all us living far north. Getting daylight will improve your sleep.

“RT @newscientist: Babies who drink expressed breast milk at a different time to when it was pumped may take longer to fall asleep at night…”

“RT @VVyazovskiy: Intracellular chloride regulation mediates local sleep pressure in the cortex | Nature Neuroscience

“RT @SBKJensen: Our accepted paper: "Insufficient sleep predicts poor weight loss maintenance after one year" is now online in SLEEP @Biomed…”

“RT @sleepdiplomat: Sleeping in a room with even mild light (100 lux = ~⅕ of the light of a typical dept store): 1) ⬇️ REM, 2) ⬇️ deep sleep…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Scientists at @UCBerkeley have discovered that you can wake up each morning without feeling sluggish by paying attention…”

“Join Ilary - she is awesome!

“RT @hubermanlab: “Caffeine equips us to cope with a world caffeine helped us create.” -@michaelpollan

“RT @ResearchSleep: Scientists discovered an important molecular link between lung tumor growth and disrupted #circadian rhythms, according…”

“RT @circadian247: Light is so important for our mental health! Our bodies want bright days and dark nights. Excited to share our preprint s…”

“RT @susanksgolden: Faculty positions in chronobiology and sleep at Penn.

“RT @DrSianAllen: Wow. When sleep trackers get it wrong, there might be BIG consequences for how you feel & perform throughout the day. Bei…”

“It is not everyday you get to meet Morpheus - the god of dreams. #sleep #dreams @ESRS_Sleep

“I am very happy to see my post doc mentor win this price. About time narcolepsy is getting some attention.

“RT @NeuroscienceNew: Sleep deprivation alters the structure of DNA inside immune cells and increases the number of immune cells, which caus…”

“RT @AASMorg: Why are #teens so sleepy? Watch this video to understand why teenagers are biologically wired to be “night owls” who prefer to…”

“Do not forget to apply for the faculty position at my wonderful department. Deadline is Sept 15. @neuroscience_dk

“RT @mspitschan: Interested in sleep and circadian health? Sign up for our new Talk Series "Current Topics in Sleep & Circadian Health" on…”

“RT @petersenpeter: My lab is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to study the generation and functions of theta oscillations in spatial naviga…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Stanford Medicine professor Emmanuel Mignot answers questions about #sleep age, emphasizing the importance of developing…”

“RT @Carlsbergfondet: 🧠@brkornum har været fascineret af hjernens kompleksitet og søvnens mysterier lige siden, hun studerede til kemiingeni…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Humans help each other — it’s one of the foundations of civilized society. But a new study by scientists at the Universi…”

“We have an searching for a new colleague! Open permanent tenured position as associate professor at Department of N…

“RT @RuneWBerg: Come join us! Open position in Copenhagen: Associate Professor of Movement Neuroscience and Neuro-Rehabilitation (5 years) h…”

“RT @AASMorg: The “Mind After Midnight” hypothesis suggests that late-night wakefulness affects the brain, leading to changes that can make…”

“RT @NeuroscienceNew: Children who sleep less than 9 hours per night have significant differences in brain regions associated with memory, i…”

“RT @emollick: And new research combines study techniques to develop the ideal test prep regimen. The steps: 🌙Study before bed 🛌Sleep ☀Short…”

“Why not apply for a PhD-fellowship at Neuroscience Academy Denmark? #neuroscience #amazingopportunity

“RT @sleepdiplomat: One of the most remarkable, humane, and necessary services enacted by a doctor is their management of a patient's pain.…”

“Congrats Bill and colleagues. Very cool: A specific circuit in the midbrain detects stress and induces restorative…

“RT @LNivisonSmith: During my PhD, I got alot of unhelpful advice Now I'm a PhD supervisor, I know 💯 what I needed to hear 4 things every…”

@petersenpeter @voroslakos @brainrhythms Very cool paper! I am so happy you are joining our department!”

@tlsophtha @SUHhospital @koebenhavns_uni Stort tillykke Torben. Glædelig nyhed og godt for uddannelsen!”

@LoneSimonsen2 Stort tillykke Lone!”

“RT @de_lecea: Congrats to Wenjie Brian and co-authors of our latest paper in Nature Neuroscience

@ce_parsons Thank you for the kind comment 😊.”

@Tidis__ @AimeMattia @tmcampelo @ERC_Research @snsf_ch @inselgruppe Wow nice study! Big congratulations Antoine.”

“RT @Tidis__: Hot off the press - Congrats @AimeMattia Niccolo @tmcampelo and all co-authors, so proud of you. Paradoxical somatodendritic…”

“Tak @majahorst for at huske alle os der ikke fik penge denne gang. På trods af virkelig god ekstern evaluering. Vi…

“RT @HHMINEWS: HHMI Investigator Joseph Takahashi (@CircadianClocks) @UTSWNews has uncovered a recipe for longer life in mice: eating a redu…”

“Nice. I will make time to listen to this.

“RT @UCPH_health: This is the first time a microRNA is associated with sleep regulation! Fantastic work, @brkornum at @UCPH_Health and Anja…”

“Excellent thread on sleepwalking

“Give up coffee to sleep better

“RT @austinschless: I gave up coffee for 40 days. Here’s what I learned:”

“Conclusion: Mir-137 regulates hypocretin levels with consequences for sleep and wake stability. For sure in mice. M…

“What about humans? This is more difficult to study. @ReneLemcke cleverly looked at genetic variation in the mir137…

“The same was true for zebrafish:

“Yes. When Marie-Laure Possovre from Tafti Lab downregulated mir-137 specifically in hypocretin neurons. Wake became…

“Already pretty cool, but does it matter for #sleep?”

@AnjaHolm2 also showed that adding or removing #mir137 caused changes in #hypocretin levels both in vitro and in vi…

“First @AnjaHolm2 found through an unbiased screen that #mir137 targets the #hypocretin mRNA:

“Our finding that miRNA-137 regulates #sleep via hypocretin/orexin is finally out: Tweetoria…

“RT @sleepdiplomat: Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US. Sleeping <6hr/night is associated with a…”

@VibekeVind @Foghsgaard Helt enig Vibeke. Det er to forskellige ting med forskellige mekanismer. Fremadrettet ønske…

“Tak for den fine omtale Lasse. Og tak til @lundbeckfonden og @neuroscience_dk for financiel og moralsk støtte til p…

“RT @ResearchSleep: People who have difficulty getting to #sleep or staying asleep had higher blood sugar levels than people who rarely had…”

“RT @L_Piilgaard: Should you or should you not include both males AND females in your #research? Sex differences do exist and we need to tak…”

@kristinebohmann @Dr_bat_girl @JELittlefair @michmuzz @homespomer Such an example to follow. Well done!”

“I agree with Amy. All you should worry about is total sleep.

“RT @NancySRed: My new pub…. Women’s sleep is not just about hormones! @UConnNursing @YalePCCSM @AASMorg @ResearchSleep Social and environ…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Largest study to date of #astronaut sleep & neurobehavioral functions during spaceflight missions on the ISS found when…”

“Så bliver det snart sommertid. Burde vi ikke droppe det usunde pjat?”

“A strong team is representing Kornum Lab @_WorldSleep #sleep #neuroscience #worldsleep2022

“RT @Sleep4Sport: Best scenario for better sleep = low core body temperature but high skin temperature. This is not accomplished easily...el…”

“RT @sayamidi: Den nationale sundhedsprofil (2021) er netop udkommet. Andelen af danskere der rapporterer problemer med deres søvn er steget…”

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: We've heard it time and time again - never go to #sleep angry, and there is some truth behind it. 😲 Negative emotional #mem…”

“Når presset udefra bliver for stor så går det ud over søvnen - også hos aber. p.s. det er usundt at sove for lidt u…

“RT @de_lecea: Hyperexcitable arousal circuits drive sleep instability during aging Thanks to all coauthors of thi…”

“Glæder mig til i morgen!

“RT @CircadianClocks: Lose weight by sleeping! Effect of Sleep Extension on Energy Intake Among Adults With Overweight ”

“RT @M_B_Petersen: Today, Denmark lifted *all* restrictions, while cases are soaring. The international reaction: Disbelief. I am leading…”

“RT @sleep_advocate: Feeling sleepy when sick? Why? Don’t miss the chance to work with the fantastic Luciana Besedovsky and lay the foundati…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: The sleeping #brain is more active if it hears unfamiliar voices rather than familiar ones. The finding suggests that we…”

“RT @harvardsleepmed: Some believe you should #sleep as little as possible; some think they sleep enough, and others worry about oversleepin…”

“Congratulations all and in particular @MeehanLab and @Lnp353Kenneth with the well deserved grant.

“RT @sleepdiplomat: Such a true and powerful sentiment from @DrCanapari "It is really important to have reasonable expectations about sleep…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: How can we help students excel in the classroom, boost sports performance, improve learning and memory, and look and fee…”

“RT @rebeccasrobbins: Are you a trainee in #sleep interested in #ScienceCommunication? I chair the @ResearchSleep Communications committee a…”

“RT @VVyazovskiy: Feeling tired? Here’s how the brain’s internal 'hourglass' controls our need for sleep – new research ”

“RT @CBroberger: Faculty job opening: join me and my colleagues at @Stockholm_Uni. Two assistant prof positions (TT) in data-driven life sci…”

@MartinMlauritz Congratulations. Nice work.”

“RT @UCPH_health: By using a method inspired by the Trojan horse, researchers may have found a way to cheat the brain and get drugs past the…”

“RT @WMAvanLeeuwen: #Humans spend up to half of their #waking lives not paying #attention to their environment or any task at hand. These re…”

“Lyt til "Virker hjernen, hvis den ikke får søvn?" by Videnslyd

“RT @thandrillon: Predicting lapses of attention with sleep-like slow waves. Now online at @NatureComms What happens in our brain when our…”

“RT @videnslyd: Hvad sker der i hjernen, når man ikke sover nok? 😴🧠 Find ud af det i podcastepisoden af Heads Up!: ”

“RT @ResearchSleep: In a recent survey of published animal studies, researchers found that time of day was often not taken into account. Dis…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Young adult sleep loss → late-in-life neural injury • Irreversible loss of locus coerueus • Irreversible loss of CA1 hip…”

“RT @CircadianClocks: A sleep-like state in Hydra unravels conserved sleep mechanisms during the evolutionary development of the central ner…”

“RT @LeilaTarokh: Sleep Evolved Before Brains. Possible thanks to @Toblerirene and her groundbreaking work expanding our view on what sleep…”

“RT @WMAvanLeeuwen: Remember to #sleep well both before and after your #COVID19Vaccination; it may increase antibody production and boost im…”

“Den her er værd at dele!

“RT @m_dresler: Please RT: We are looking for a postdoc for a multi-year lucid dreaming project, involving HD-EEG, VR, brain stimulation, m…”

“RT @simongerman600: Been asked to reshare this #Infographic. It shows the sleeping habits of various animals. #Dolphins put one half of the…”

“RT @debrajskene: New Post of Professor of Chronobiology with us at the University of Surrey. Please retweet.

“RT @LabLuthi: Sleeping in space: when gravity is not here and so no pressure applied on the articulations! There is also no orientation. Se…”