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“RT @ResearchSleep: The sleeping #brain is more active if it hears unfamiliar voices rather than familiar ones. The finding suggests that we…”

“RT @harvardsleepmed: Some believe you should #sleep as little as possible; some think they sleep enough, and others worry about oversleepin…”

“Congratulations all and in particular @MeehanLab and @Lnp353Kenneth with the well deserved grant.

“RT @sleepdiplomat: Such a true and powerful sentiment from @DrCanapari "It is really important to have reasonable expectations about sleep…”

“RT @ce_parsons: 🧵Ironically, after a night of low-quality sleep (corona-related dreams post restriction announcements & an early wake-up fr…”

“So grateful to all my wonderful nerdy local sleep science colleagues for making #danishsleepresearchday a success.

“RT @doktorneergaard: @brkornum and @HulvejRod kicking off the 1st annual Danish Sleep Research Day with a cool talk about the SmartSleep St…”

@KiraVibe You are welcome. Thank you for the interesting talk!”

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: We have officially opened applications for several funding opportunities for 2022. We will be offering 2 short-term researc…”

“RT @WMAvanLeeuwen: "Younger drivers had more than three times as many near-crash and lane deviation events than older #drivers after #sleep…”

“1st Danish Sleep Research Day - November 22, 2021. Register here: #UCPH #sleep #fantasticspeakers”

“Special issue of @sciencemagazine on sleep:

“Jeg gentager: gå en tur i frokostpausen så tit du kan. Det er godt - også for søvnen.

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: Join us in celebrating the career of David Dinges, PhD, for almost 45 years as a faculty member at the University of Pennsy…”

“These people make my day. #kornumlab #sleep #narcolepsy @UCPH_health @neuroscience_dk

“Ego: Om søvn som selvomsorg

“This looks really interesting. Looking forward to reading it in detail.

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: #WorldSleep2022 Congress will be hosted in Rome, Italy by @_WorldSleep, 11-16 March 2022. If you're interested in submittin…”

“Even my office plant is slowly waking up after the Corona lockdown.

“This is a potential game changer. Congrats Tafti lab.

“RT @braincomms: Examining blood samples pre-treatment, Ægidius et al. found that the levels of hypocretin/orexin in Narcolepsy Type 1 patie…”

“Official presentation of the new European Narcolepsy Alliance for Patients eNAP. Congratulations to all for this ma…

“RT @VVyazovskiy: Postdoc position in neurophysiology of vigilance states, sleep-dependent functions and behavior at UNIL ”

“RT @ResearchSleep: How can we help students excel in the classroom, boost sports performance, improve learning and memory, and look and fee…”

“RT @rebeccasrobbins: Are you a trainee in #sleep interested in #ScienceCommunication? I chair the @ResearchSleep Communications committee a…”

“RT @VVyazovskiy: Feeling tired? Here’s how the brain’s internal 'hourglass' controls our need for sleep – new research ”

“RT @CBroberger: Faculty job opening: join me and my colleagues at @Stockholm_Uni. Two assistant prof positions (TT) in data-driven life sci…”

@MartinMlauritz Congratulations. Nice work.”

“RT @UCPH_health: By using a method inspired by the Trojan horse, researchers may have found a way to cheat the brain and get drugs past the…”

“RT @WMAvanLeeuwen: #Humans spend up to half of their #waking lives not paying #attention to their environment or any task at hand. These re…”

“Lyt til "Virker hjernen, hvis den ikke får søvn?" by Videnslyd

“RT @thandrillon: Predicting lapses of attention with sleep-like slow waves. Now online at @NatureComms What happens in our brain when our…”

“RT @videnslyd: Hvad sker der i hjernen, når man ikke sover nok? 😴🧠 Find ud af det i podcastepisoden af Heads Up!: ”

“RT @ResearchSleep: In a recent survey of published animal studies, researchers found that time of day was often not taken into account. Dis…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Young adult sleep loss → late-in-life neural injury • Irreversible loss of locus coerueus • Irreversible loss of CA1 hip…”

“RT @CircadianClocks: A sleep-like state in Hydra unravels conserved sleep mechanisms during the evolutionary development of the central ner…”

“RT @LeilaTarokh: Sleep Evolved Before Brains. Possible thanks to @Toblerirene and her groundbreaking work expanding our view on what sleep…”

“RT @WMAvanLeeuwen: Remember to #sleep well both before and after your #COVID19Vaccination; it may increase antibody production and boost im…”

“Den her er værd at dele!

“RT @m_dresler: Please RT: We are looking for a postdoc for a multi-year lucid dreaming project, involving HD-EEG, VR, brain stimulation, m…”

“RT @simongerman600: Been asked to reshare this #Infographic. It shows the sleeping habits of various animals. #Dolphins put one half of the…”

“RT @debrajskene: New Post of Professor of Chronobiology with us at the University of Surrey. Please retweet.

“RT @LabLuthi: Sleeping in space: when gravity is not here and so no pressure applied on the articulations! There is also no orientation. Se…”

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: In this week's #SSF, Prof. Dr. Philippe Peigneux gives us a brief overview of what to expect at this year's Sleep Science S…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Those who persistently slept six hours or less per night were roughly 30% more likely to develop #dementia, compared to…”

“Senere mødetid for de store elever = mere søvn. Simpelt. Hvorfor ikke indføre det?

“RT @doctorpoe: Just watched the TEDxMarin salon on sleep💤. It was so good! Pelayo gave tips on if/when to see a doctor & what not to stress…”

“RT @doctorpoe: Here is the LINK for my (and other) TEDx talks on sleep!

“RT @bsrlaboratory: Sleep deprivation impairs molecular clearance from the human brain

“RT @UZH_SHZ: Don’t miss the next Sleep & Health Seminar @UZH_SHZ by Denis Burdakov this Friday at 12:15. Contact us to get the Zoom detail…”

“Check out our new paper: Pre-treatment of blood samples reveal normal blood hypocretin/orexin signal in narcolepsy…

“Hør med 13. april hvor vi skal snakke om søvnløshed.

“RT @DrMikeFarquhar: Teenagers tend to get a hard time about their sleep, often because people have wrong ideas about adolescent sleep For…”

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: Today is #WorldSleepDay - celebrating sleep & promoting important sleep related issues Join the discussion on #sleep and #…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: A new study of military #veterans suggests that sound #sleep may help in healing traumatic #brain injuries. The research…”

“RT @lundbeckfonden: Tre forskere går sammen for at bekæmpe psykisk sygdom blandt unge. 15% af alle børn unge i Danmark bliver diagnosticere…”

@UlrikGether Ja, det er en nedarvet skævhed som det nuværende institut ikke bærer skylden for. Diversitet er ikke n…

“Det er naturligvis en grov måde at fremstille tingene på 😁. Vi har 0 professorer der hedder Jesper. Der er 11 i alt og 1 er kvinde.”

“Der er flere professorer på mit institut der hedder Jens, end der er kvindelige professorer.…

“RT @AASMorg: Among young adults, 39% reported smartphone addiction, which was associated with poor #sleep, according to a new study publish…”

“RT @curiousLdV: We are hiring! are you interested in applying your skills or learning new ones in the field of sleep research? feel free to…”

“RT @APNeuro: My paper is out @nature! Afraid of living in this era of uncertainty? No worries, your brain knows what to do. Facing novel si…”

“RT @KaSkytte: Den enorme budgetoverskridelse på Niels Bohr-bygningen kommer til at koste på forskningen på @uni_copenhagen og på dansk for…”

“RT @Brain1878: Galiano-Landeira et al. provide evidence that CD8 T cell cytotoxic attack initiates and propagates neuronal death and synucl…”

“RT @Cornhelix: Two Group Leaders in Molecular and Translational Neuroscience at DANDRITE - very fertile place to launch your independent ne…”

“Vores fire-benede venner kan også få søvnsygdomme.

“Happy Groundhog Day to all

“Have you made that New Year’s resolution yet?

“Hahaha. I recognize this. @tunepers

“RT @ResearchSleep: Some types of artificial intelligence could start to hallucinate if they don’t get enough rest, just as humans do. https…”

“RT @nresearchnews: An autopsy study in @NatureNeuro suggests SARS-CoV-2 may enter the brain of people through the nose. The findings may he…”

@f_elements @AneHalsboe @sofiecn @DMCamilla Gode pointer Thomas. Jeg møder mange unge kvinder der tænker meget over…

“Serotonin plays a central role in the symptoms of Narcolepsy.

“RT @JakobssonLab: DM me for more info!”

“RT @DrMorganLevine: We (Yale Pathology department) are hiring an Aging Center Director as well as junior faculty. Please, spread the word.…”

“Sleep well out there.

“RT @M_B_Petersen: Vi står i den alvorligste situation ift. #covid19dk siden foråret. Borgernes adfærd afgør smittekurven, og adfærden hvile…”

“Wau. Love this walk through of a classic paper. For those who love science and especially for sleep nerds like me.

“RT @Kirkeby_Lab: The largest ever schizophrenia GWAS study is now revealed! With >300K subjects, it carves in stone that disease associatio…”

“RT @videnskabdk: I 2018 lykkedes det første gang for sovende forsøgspersoner at signalere tydeligt til vågne forskere, at de var ved bevids…”

“Protect the European Research Council (ERC) in the EU budget - Sign the Petition! via @Change

“Great hybrid meeting in the European Narcolepsy Network. 400 people online. 30 in the room. Huge video production c…

“Det bliver mere og mere tydeligt at dårlig søvn kan føre til Alzheimers sygdom.

“RT @VVyazovskiy: Regulation of sleep homeostasis mediator adenosine by basal forebrain glutamatergic neurons

“RT @LaurenHablitz: Did you know there was a circadian timing component to CSF distribution between the brain and body? Thank you to every…”

“Data confirming an old truth. It is difficult to be sleepy and social at the same time

“RT @bsrlaboratory: Self-reported Sleep Patterns and Quality Amongst Adolescents: Cross-Sectional and Prospective Associations With Anxiety…”

“RT @nschawor: amplitude of rhythms in the alpha-range is modulated by slower more basal rhythms. interesting article regarding rhythms reco…”

“Prolonged wake changes the initial expression of deep sleep.

“RT @DaniSBassett: @jddwor's paper on "The extent and drivers of gender imbalance in neuroscience reference lists" is now out at @NatureNeur…”

“RT @bsrlaboratory: 📣Fully funded #PhD and #postdoc positions available in our lab @UniCamerino to study the effects of poor sleep on substa…”

“RT @mhkryger: Bill Dement died last night. He was the inspiration for my putting together the very first Principles and Practice of Sleep…”

“Stimulering af specifikke hjerneceller kan inducere dvale ligesom ved vinterhi.

“RT @rasbjo: Regeringen prioriteter at åbne fitnesscentre før de videregående uddannelser - 💪 frem for 👩‍🎓. Hvorfor @AneHalsboe? #forskpol #…”

“Glæder mig til at stå for kursus i eksperimentelt design og dataanalyse med fantastiske undervisere fra hele det da…

“Hold da op en saftig historie.

“Et skræmmende eksempel på at publiseringskulturen i forskningsverdenen trænger til et eftersyn.