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@petersenpeter @voroslakos @brainrhythms Very cool paper! I am so happy you are joining our department!”

@tlsophtha @SUHhospital @koebenhavns_uni Stort tillykke Torben. Glædelig nyhed og godt for uddannelsen!”

@LoneSimonsen2 Stort tillykke Lone!”

“RT @de_lecea: Congrats to Wenjie Brian and co-authors of our latest paper in Nature Neuroscience

@ce_parsons Thank you for the kind comment 😊.”

@Tidis__ @AimeMattia @tmcampelo @ERC_Research @snsf_ch @inselgruppe Wow nice study! Big congratulations Antoine.”

“RT @Tidis__: Hot off the press - Congrats @AimeMattia Niccolo @tmcampelo and all co-authors, so proud of you. Paradoxical somatodendritic…”

“Tak @majahorst for at huske alle os der ikke fik penge denne gang. På trods af virkelig god ekstern evaluering. Vi…

“RT @HHMINEWS: HHMI Investigator Joseph Takahashi (@CircadianClocks) @UTSWNews has uncovered a recipe for longer life in mice: eating a redu…”

“Nice. I will make time to listen to this.

“RT @UCPH_health: This is the first time a microRNA is associated with sleep regulation! Fantastic work, @brkornum at @UCPH_Health and Anja…”

“Excellent thread on sleepwalking

“Give up coffee to sleep better

“RT @austinschless: I gave up coffee for 40 days. Here’s what I learned:”

“Conclusion: Mir-137 regulates hypocretin levels with consequences for sleep and wake stability. For sure in mice. M…

“What about humans? This is more difficult to study. @ReneLemcke cleverly looked at genetic variation in the mir137…

“The same was true for zebrafish:

“Yes. When Marie-Laure Possovre from Tafti Lab downregulated mir-137 specifically in hypocretin neurons. Wake became…

“Already pretty cool, but does it matter for #sleep?”

@AnjaHolm2 also showed that adding or removing #mir137 caused changes in #hypocretin levels both in vitro and in vi…

“First @AnjaHolm2 found through an unbiased screen that #mir137 targets the #hypocretin mRNA:

“Our finding that miRNA-137 regulates #sleep via hypocretin/orexin is finally out: Tweetoria…

“RT @sleepdiplomat: Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US. Sleeping <6hr/night is associated with a…”

@VibekeVind @Foghsgaard Helt enig Vibeke. Det er to forskellige ting med forskellige mekanismer. Fremadrettet ønske…

“Tak for den fine omtale Lasse. Og tak til @lundbeckfonden og @neuroscience_dk for financiel og moralsk støtte til p…

“RT @ResearchSleep: People who have difficulty getting to #sleep or staying asleep had higher blood sugar levels than people who rarely had…”

“RT @L_Piilgaard: Should you or should you not include both males AND females in your #research? Sex differences do exist and we need to tak…”

@kristinebohmann @Dr_bat_girl @JELittlefair @michmuzz @homespomer Such an example to follow. Well done!”

“I agree with Amy. All you should worry about is total sleep.

“RT @NancySRed: My new pub…. Women’s sleep is not just about hormones! @UConnNursing @YalePCCSM @AASMorg @ResearchSleep Social and environ…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Largest study to date of #astronaut sleep & neurobehavioral functions during spaceflight missions on the ISS found when…”

“Så bliver det snart sommertid. Burde vi ikke droppe det usunde pjat?”

“A strong team is representing Kornum Lab @_WorldSleep #sleep #neuroscience #worldsleep2022

“RT @Sleep4Sport: Best scenario for better sleep = low core body temperature but high skin temperature. This is not accomplished easily...el…”

“RT @sayamidi: Den nationale sundhedsprofil (2021) er netop udkommet. Andelen af danskere der rapporterer problemer med deres søvn er steget…”

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: We've heard it time and time again - never go to #sleep angry, and there is some truth behind it. 😲 Negative emotional #mem…”

“Når presset udefra bliver for stor så går det ud over søvnen - også hos aber. p.s. det er usundt at sove for lidt u…

“RT @de_lecea: Hyperexcitable arousal circuits drive sleep instability during aging Thanks to all coauthors of thi…”

“Glæder mig til i morgen!

“RT @CircadianClocks: Lose weight by sleeping! Effect of Sleep Extension on Energy Intake Among Adults With Overweight ”

“RT @M_B_Petersen: Today, Denmark lifted *all* restrictions, while cases are soaring. The international reaction: Disbelief. I am leading…”

“RT @sleep_advocate: Feeling sleepy when sick? Why? Don’t miss the chance to work with the fantastic Luciana Besedovsky and lay the foundati…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: The sleeping #brain is more active if it hears unfamiliar voices rather than familiar ones. The finding suggests that we…”

“RT @harvardsleepmed: Some believe you should #sleep as little as possible; some think they sleep enough, and others worry about oversleepin…”

“Congratulations all and in particular @MeehanLab and @Lnp353Kenneth with the well deserved grant.

“RT @sleepdiplomat: Such a true and powerful sentiment from @DrCanapari "It is really important to have reasonable expectations about sleep…”

“RT @ce_parsons: 🧵Ironically, after a night of low-quality sleep (corona-related dreams post restriction announcements & an early wake-up fr…”

“So grateful to all my wonderful nerdy local sleep science colleagues for making #danishsleepresearchday a success.

“RT @doktorneergaard: @brkornum and @HulvejRod kicking off the 1st annual Danish Sleep Research Day with a cool talk about the SmartSleep St…”

@KiraVibe You are welcome. Thank you for the interesting talk!”

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: We have officially opened applications for several funding opportunities for 2022. We will be offering 2 short-term researc…”

“RT @WMAvanLeeuwen: "Younger drivers had more than three times as many near-crash and lane deviation events than older #drivers after #sleep…”

“1st Danish Sleep Research Day - November 22, 2021. Register here: #UCPH #sleep #fantasticspeakers”

“Special issue of @sciencemagazine on sleep:

“Jeg gentager: gå en tur i frokostpausen så tit du kan. Det er godt - også for søvnen.

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: Join us in celebrating the career of David Dinges, PhD, for almost 45 years as a faculty member at the University of Pennsy…”

“These people make my day. #kornumlab #sleep #narcolepsy @UCPH_health @neuroscience_dk

“Ego: Om søvn som selvomsorg

“This looks really interesting. Looking forward to reading it in detail.

“RT @ESRS_Sleep: #WorldSleep2022 Congress will be hosted in Rome, Italy by @_WorldSleep, 11-16 March 2022. If you're interested in submittin…”

“Even my office plant is slowly waking up after the Corona lockdown.

“This is a potential game changer. Congrats Tafti lab.

“RT @braincomms: Examining blood samples pre-treatment, Ægidius et al. found that the levels of hypocretin/orexin in Narcolepsy Type 1 patie…”

“Official presentation of the new European Narcolepsy Alliance for Patients eNAP. Congratulations to all for this ma…

“RT @VVyazovskiy: Postdoc position in neurophysiology of vigilance states, sleep-dependent functions and behavior at UNIL ”

“RT @ResearchSleep: How can we help students excel in the classroom, boost sports performance, improve learning and memory, and look and fee…”

“RT @rebeccasrobbins: Are you a trainee in #sleep interested in #ScienceCommunication? I chair the @ResearchSleep Communications committee a…”

“RT @VVyazovskiy: Feeling tired? Here’s how the brain’s internal 'hourglass' controls our need for sleep – new research ”

“RT @CBroberger: Faculty job opening: join me and my colleagues at @Stockholm_Uni. Two assistant prof positions (TT) in data-driven life sci…”

@MartinMlauritz Congratulations. Nice work.”

“RT @UCPH_health: By using a method inspired by the Trojan horse, researchers may have found a way to cheat the brain and get drugs past the…”

“RT @WMAvanLeeuwen: #Humans spend up to half of their #waking lives not paying #attention to their environment or any task at hand. These re…”

“Lyt til "Virker hjernen, hvis den ikke får søvn?" by Videnslyd

“RT @thandrillon: Predicting lapses of attention with sleep-like slow waves. Now online at @NatureComms What happens in our brain when our…”

“RT @videnslyd: Hvad sker der i hjernen, når man ikke sover nok? 😴🧠 Find ud af det i podcastepisoden af Heads Up!: ”

“RT @ResearchSleep: In a recent survey of published animal studies, researchers found that time of day was often not taken into account. Dis…”

“RT @ResearchSleep: Young adult sleep loss → late-in-life neural injury • Irreversible loss of locus coerueus • Irreversible loss of CA1 hip…”

“RT @lundbeckfonden: Tre forskere går sammen for at bekæmpe psykisk sygdom blandt unge. 15% af alle børn unge i Danmark bliver diagnosticere…”

@UlrikGether Ja, det er en nedarvet skævhed som det nuværende institut ikke bærer skylden for. Diversitet er ikke n…

“Det er naturligvis en grov måde at fremstille tingene på 😁. Vi har 0 professorer der hedder Jesper. Der er 11 i alt og 1 er kvinde.”

“Der er flere professorer på mit institut der hedder Jens, end der er kvindelige professorer.…

“RT @AASMorg: Among young adults, 39% reported smartphone addiction, which was associated with poor #sleep, according to a new study publish…”

“RT @curiousLdV: We are hiring! are you interested in applying your skills or learning new ones in the field of sleep research? feel free to…”

“RT @APNeuro: My paper is out @nature! Afraid of living in this era of uncertainty? No worries, your brain knows what to do. Facing novel si…”

“RT @KaSkytte: Den enorme budgetoverskridelse på Niels Bohr-bygningen kommer til at koste på forskningen på @uni_copenhagen og på dansk for…”

“RT @Brain1878: Galiano-Landeira et al. provide evidence that CD8 T cell cytotoxic attack initiates and propagates neuronal death and synucl…”

“RT @Cornhelix: Two Group Leaders in Molecular and Translational Neuroscience at DANDRITE - very fertile place to launch your independent ne…”

“Vores fire-benede venner kan også få søvnsygdomme.

“Happy Groundhog Day to all

“Have you made that New Year’s resolution yet?

“Hahaha. I recognize this. @tunepers

“RT @ResearchSleep: Some types of artificial intelligence could start to hallucinate if they don’t get enough rest, just as humans do. https…”

@f_elements @AneHalsboe @sofiecn @DMCamilla Gode pointer Thomas. Jeg møder mange unge kvinder der tænker meget over…

“Serotonin plays a central role in the symptoms of Narcolepsy.

“RT @JakobssonLab: DM me for more info!”

“RT @DrMorganLevine: We (Yale Pathology department) are hiring an Aging Center Director as well as junior faculty. Please, spread the word.…”